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Boston, Bombs, Bullets, & Blasts

Dear Friends and Clients,

I confess, even though I write a monthly forecast, I don’t always pay lavish attention to it. I often just live my life until something makes me want to check with what is going on Astrologically.

This is what I wrote in the forecast for today:

21 – Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. The inspired feistiness of our thoughts and communications having to reconcile with the deep transformative forces within the deeper levels of our psyche. Could reveal hidden secrets, or face very humbling discipline, or recognize where one has gone ‘out of their depth.’

It brings to my mind all of the public comments following the articles I’ve been reading on the internet, which reveal biographical details of the Tsarmaev brothers, suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing. There is definitely some feistiness in communications up against some intense transformative forces going on today. The deeper realities I think has many ‘out of their depth.’

This has been an intense week, and although I’ve been witnessing it from here in Hong Kong, I am originally from the general Boston area and attended Boston University. I have felt a lot of empathy and a psychic resonance with what was taking place there. Of course, besides the bombs and bullets in Boston, there was the blast in Texas near Waco (a curious symbolic synchronicity if not intended message), letters laced with Ricin, and another earthquake in China. We also had the Senate voting down the gun bill. An intense strange week. I myself had an emotional situation brewing since late weekend that blew apart yesterday.

Astrologically we have been in the latter part of the solar month of Aries, of which Hilarion says*:

Aries We have said that Aries has an abundance of energy available to it. This energy is, in effect, a kind of reward or gift to the Aries individual resulting from acts of courage in past incarnations, when thoughts of self-interest were set aside in order to come to the aid of another. In a sense, the gift is internal rather than external because the very act of courageously facing danger in order to help another person automatically taps deeply into an inexhaustible source of energy, and the soul gains a permanent link with this source of energy. But with every gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Aries, the responsibility is to learn to handle this increased energy so that it does not harm others or the self through aggressive expression and violent behaviour.

The Astrological commentary I had posted for the day after the Boston bombing was:

17 – The Sun conjuncts Mars in Aries. A great day to be courageous, just remember some compassionate discipline.

This is what Hilarion says about Mars in Aries:

Aries This sign is ruled by Mars and the result of having Mars in its own "home" is an abundance of energy capable of being used in a multitude of ways. It is not limited to physical or muscular energy by any means, but can equally well express itself through procreativity, mental work or emotional experience. When Mars here is afflicted, the over-riding necessity is to learn to control the energies. It is difficult for Mars afflicted to control itself, regardless of sign, but in Aries, where it receives an excess, the problem is that much more acute. In positive aspect, the indication is simply that of a super abundance of energy.

We have definitely been having a week involving Aries courage and decisive action, and Aries-like impulsive, wanton violence.

Of course the deeper archetypal backdrop is the fact that these faster moving inner planets in feisty Aries are triggering the slow moving, on-going Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn collectively experienced transformative tension peaking from 2012-2015.

I will look briefly at the Astrology charts of the Tsarmaev brothers. But if we are to look to the stars for what the message is for us, it is going to be in the deeper archetypal symbols, and we have to be careful about impulsive quick-thinking, quick-talking interpretations.

In the event chart for the Boston Marathon bombing, which we could say is the birth of another intense collective event for us to understand and process, as was the case for 9/11, there are some poignant factors to note. One quickly evident factor is the Neptune in Pisces in the Libran Seventh House of relationships with others. It is within two degrees of exact opposition to a Virgo Rising self-image. This would indicate an interaction with others involving Neptunian vulnerability, confusion, victimhood and martyrdom at odds with Virgoan rational, analytical mentality. This is obvious in the senseless horror of bombing a bunch of people running, or those watching those running, at a marathon. But now that we have faces to those who perpetrated this victimhood and martyrdom the confusion continues, including the immediate denial of the parents of the perpetrators, with their accusations that their sons were ‘framed’ by the secret services. But more realistically is the confusing vulnerability we experienced to a couple of guys who grew up here among us in the U.S. Guys who weren’t obviously mentally disturbed individuals as in New Town or Aurora.

The Pluto/Uranus square in the bombing chart adds to the intensity of this theme.

The Pluto end of this tension falls in the Fifth House of Parent/child relationship. The Tsarmaev brothers grew up here. They were in a sense, children of this country. The Uranus in Aries end of this tension is in the Scorpionic Eighth House of sex, birth and death. There are a total of four planets in this house, all in Aries, including the Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries. There was also the approaching Mercury conjuncting Uranus in Aries.

So we have to deal with a lot of Aries anger and aggression, in tense relationship to deep, hidden Plutonian, secret underworld realities of the children among us, including the death of the eight-year-old boy who lost his life in the bombing.

In my book ‘The Astrological Karma of the USA’ I tried to assess somewhat the deeper back drop to this Muslim anger and resentment towards the West in General, and the United States in particular. Obviously a ‘touchy’ topic.

I was engaged for a time to a Muslim woman in Morocco back in 2003. She was more European in her outlook, but through her I could also feel a Muslim perspective on the world. She was in no way sympathetic to radical, extremist Muslim violence, stating what most moderate Muslims repeat, that Islam is a religion of peace, which does not condone killing. Of course they have a bit of a bloody history and there are some scary quotes in the Koran.

But Christian history has also been pretty brutal and there are some hellatious quotes you can pull out of the Bible.

The fact that the Christian/Secular West is the dominant force and power in the world right now, economically, and ideologically, a power which is now thrust upon the planet through the Global Network more intensively than ever before, means that those who are Muslims are having to deal with being part of a collective mentality which is seen as somewhat lesser, weaker, perceived as ‘inferior,’ victims or martyrs. At least on a subtle subconscious level.

Every repressed minority I have ever seen, however, who has to deal with an inferiority complex, will at some point revert to a superiority complex, which of course is just the flip side of the same coin, both based on fear.

Now, being an old 1960’s hippy, I have also felt at odds with the overwhelming thrust of the materially obsessive, hedonistic, spiritually vacant overwhelming juggernaut of Western Culture.

And us hippies are definitely prone to a superiority complex. Evolving out of the victim/victimizer, superior/inferior dualities is something we all have to face in our own ways.

What the Tsarmaev brothers did was sick and nuts. It does seem it was Tamerlan Tsarmaev, the older brother who was the likely protagonist. The boxer who had dropped out of college, who had no American friends, who didn’t understand Americans, who said ‘They can’t control themselves.’ Being a devout Muslim who doesn’t drink and doesn’t believe in sex outside of marriage, attending university among the current college crowd is a psychological environment of stress and disconnect, and is going to be susceptible to delusionary suggestions as to how to deal with those stresses and ‘disconnects.’

Of course if we look at his chart we can see recognizable dynamics at play in his Astrological make-up.

There is an intense Mars in Aquarius Square to Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto in Scorpio hearkens from the years that AIDS appeared on the planet, some intense collective karma around sexuality. Here Mars will, passion and drive was at odds with that deep intensive underworld Plutonian pressure.

Here is what Hilarion says about Mars in Aquarius:

Aquarius Mars here is in a mental or airy sign, but one ruled by the combination of Saturn (original ruler) and Uranus. In the first place, it endows the individual with considerable mental energy, regardless of aspect. In addition, it can lead to a tendency to allow the mind to play excessively with notions of sexuality, sensual fantasies, etc. This is the primary difficulty with the placement, but the strength of the mental gifts is usually such that it suffices merely to become aware of the tendency in order to bring it under control. Generally speaking, this is quite a positive placement.

I would say that thinking too much about sex would be at odds with the demands of his Muslim faith, but a tension exacerbated by a barrage of the salaciousness of most of today’s music videos.

He also has Jupiter in Pisces sensitivity square to a mentally edgy Gemini Moon. Here are Hilarion’s comments regarding Jupiter in Pisces:

Pisces In Pisces, ruled by Neptune, Jupiter is very well placed. The emotional and feeling side of the nature is much enhanced with this placement, regardless of aspect, and the ability to empathize with others is pronounced. In affliction, Jupiter here tends to exaggerate sensitivity to the point sometimes of incapacitating the individual. The main lesson is balance and moderation in the emotional responses to the feelings that are picked up due to the increased sensitivity.

A sensitive guy but that Gemini Moon tension would exacerbate the sensitivity and feelings of victimhood.

Tamerlan Tsarmaev also had Saturn opposing that edgy Gemini Moon. Hilarion on Saturn afflicting the Moon:

Aspects When Saturn is aspecting the Sun, there will always be a problem within the person in dealing with one of the parental figures. The closer the aspect, the greater the problem. The same thing can be said for Saturn aspects to the Moon. In terms of external orchestrated events, Saturn in aspect to either of the Lights will bring into the life blockages in terms of dealing with authority, with government, with the police, or with any other authority-concept. The purpose of this pattern, both inside and out, is to bring the individual to the point of recognizing that there is value in guidelines, laws and restrictions — that man must play his "games" in accordance with rules, or else the games cannot exist. The failure to heed this lesson in past lives has led to loss and backsliding in terms of the learning of soul-lessons.

Definitely some resentment of authority figures here.

We don’t have birth times for the brothers so we don’t know the houses involved. Saturn was conjuncting the Mars and squaring the Pluto, so the Saturnian concretization of the Plutonian death of this mental tension seems to be a likely dynamic being played out in his psyche at this time.

Of the other brother, Dzhokhar Tsarmaev, I have heard that he liked girls and drinking and was social, and quite likely he was largely influenced by his older brother. He does have a Neptune/Uranus conjunction, (vulnerable, impulsive) in opposition to Mercury in Cancer (emotionally blurred mental thinking). But what seems to have been majorly activated at this time is Pluto squaring and Uranus opposing his Jupiter. We don’t know the house of this Jupiter, but it seems to be unaspected, thus living largely in the unconscious and not easily integrated into his conscious awareness.

When such a planet gets activated, as by the current intense transits, it can erupt from the unconscious with irrational energy. There was the same dynamic at play in the chart of the Aurora theater shooter.

Of course Jupiter is always prone to exaggerated, over the top, fanaticism. Dzhokhar’s older brother’s Neptune, propensity for feelings of vulnerability and victimhood, squares Dzhokhar’s Jupiter. So he would activate the Jupiter with a potentially confused sense of victimhood.

I feel that part of the theme of the Pluto/Uranus squares is that there is increasingly less ability to find security in the concrete structures and realities of this material world. One resident of Watertown, Massachusetts after the man-hunt/lockdown was over said “It was pretty intense being that close to that kind of unpredictability.”

I am also reminded of what the Yaqui Indian man of knowledge, Don Juan, said to author Carlos Castaneda: “A spiritual warrior knows that death is always standing at his left side. And he lives every moment as if it may be his last.”

When, during the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the 1960’s we took psychedelics and saw how crazy the world was, we had the feeling of ‘this place is crazy I want to get off.’

Now it isn’t Pluto/Uranus on top of the Neptune of the United States creating drug induced visions of ‘Flower Power’, but Pluto in Capricorn economic/material plane insecurities in the face of rash impulsive Arian (not Aryan nations) needs for Uranian freedom, sudden change, and liberation. Hence, things getting more and more violent. What can be done?

As far as the Muslim question. Imagine how, instead of going to war in Iraq, that they had spent those trillions of dollars and intensive manpower building roads, schools, farming support, and hospitals in Afghanistan.

Obama’s speech in Cairo in the beginning of his presidency was a bright light of compassionate outreach. Now he is seen as the source of drones and yet another President doing virtually nothing for the Palestinians.

And as far as our own domestic violence? Well our Senate can’t even pass a bill for background checks on gun purchasers. It is hard to feel that things aren’t going to have to get worse before they get better.

And yet I see the dark is getting darker, but also the light is getting lighter. I recently gave a lecture and a workshop in Beijing, China to groups which were largely young people, in their twenties and thirties, something I rarely see in the West, where it seems to be mostly us older folks who are seriously interested in hearing about and learning this stuff.

I do feel the new consciousness is trying to be born, coming out here and there in spurts and starts. The old selfish fear-based material consciousness will not let go without a fight, without a desperate grasp for survival. There is always the danger of miscarriage but the Earth herself is being reborn into a higher frequency and consciousness and so ultimately humanity will have to ‘get with the program.’ Change is coming for all of us. We can embrace it gracefully, or kicking and screaming. As they say ‘Pain is necessary. Suffering is optional.’

Steffan Vanel

* I am happy to announce that Astrology Plus by Hilarion, the book which I am always quoting from and has been out of print for some time, is now available as an EBook on Amazon.

If you are interested in downloading a copy you can use this link: www.amazon.com/dp/B00B1WRS88

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