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North Korea and Kim Jong Un

Dear Friends and Clients,

I expected my next newsletter to be about my experiences in China, but the recent rise in tensions, and stories I heard from Chinese people about North Korea, have inspired me to write this newsletter instead.

One story I heard is how many young Korean girls and women, to escape starvation, have fled across the border into China where they are willing to marry old and disabled men just to have enough to eat. North Korea, however, who has spies all over Northeast China, identifies these young women and demands that they be returned. The Chinese police are forced to round them up and deliver them to the North Koreans, who then string them in a line with a wire pierced through the flesh under their arms, brought to a field where they are executed by machine gun fire.

Later the Chinese were forced to round up another group of these girls and young women but when they delivered them, the Chinese said “These are just young girls, they shouldn’t have to be killed.” Their entreaties were ignored and they were again strung on a wire and machine-gunned.

Another story I heard is how the Chinese Premier, after a visit to North Korea, gave North Korea $20 billion US dollars to create an international marketing/finance center. The North Koreans put 1- 2 years into the project and then abandoned it, but kept the money.

By all accounts, North Korea is a true ‘rogue nation’ with no true allies, not even China at this point.

So what does their Astrological blueprint reveal to us? First of all there are different charts in use. A 1948 chart, September 9 or 10, when the nation was declared, and a 1945 chart, August 10, when it was decided by the Russians and Americans to divide Korea at the 38th parallel into North and South.

In my experience, looking at Ireland where there are various charts one can use as well, I’ve seen that the earliest emergence of that entity creates the most potent chart. The one that really ‘works.’

In looking at the two charts for North Korea I’ve come to the same conclusion. There are many reasons for my choice but for starters, the 1948 Chart makes North Korea a Virgo, and the 1945 chart a Leo. Now the 1945 chart also has a Virgo Moon so that penchant for edgy criticalness and insistence on purity and observance of rules and regulations is still there.

But, to me, a Virgo Sun nation would be much more rational and analytical and capable of deducing when they are acting irrational and lacking in clear analytical effectiveness.

Whereas a blustering arrogant, thinking the world revolves around them, Leo, would seem to be more resonant with their behavior. Especially as, in the 1945 chart, the Sun is conjunct Pluto, which could give it a sense of ‘destroy or be destroyed.’ mentality.

This Sun/Pluto conjunction falls in the 4th house, the Cancer ruled house of home, family, sanctuary and security which would also fit the intense Plutonian need to hide as the ‘hermit kingdom, within the secrecy and security afforded by their borders.

Here are some quotes from Hilarion regarding their Sun in the 4th house: *

Fourth House The fourth house of a birth chart has to do with the concept of "sanctuary". This portion of the diagram governs all that which provides security in the world for the person whose chart it is: his home, his family, his early life, his parents. The Sun in this position denotes one for whom these areas are of primary importance.

In karmic terms, this solar placement designates one who must pass through many episodes of insecurity in life, as the supposed mainstays of his self-confidence and contentment are chipped away at by events. He may lose his family, or home, or job, or a parent with whom he has particularly strong ties (whether of a positive or negative nature). Such a loss would have, for the person with this Sun position, a more disconcerting or devastating effect than it would if he had a different solar placement. The karma thus served arises from action in past lives when similar anxiety or trauma was caused to others.

The lesson of this solar position is simple to state: look not to the world for security. The only true sanctuary is the light of truth within the soul. All other lamps finally grow feeble and fail to light the way. God alone is the rock to which the discerning soul anchors his frail boat.

Additionally, this chart shows the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune all in the Fifth house, house of parent/child relationship, which would fit their exuberant fixation on the ‘Father figures’ of their nation.

The Neptune is square to Venus in Cancer, so there is bound to be some delusionary, over-emotional, deception and over-glorification going on.

I remember a report from a Westerner who had visited North Korea, stating how he had to listen to a litany of bizarre claims of accomplishments of then Premier Kim Jong-Il. The one that sticks in my mind is that he had recently played golf and shot 13 ‘holes in one.’

When it comes to violent aggression we Astrologers always want to look at Mars. Well North Korea has a Mars/Uranus conjunction, square to that critical Virgo Moon. Of Mars/Uranus Hilarion says:

Mars Uranus in close aspect to Mars always points to a lack of self-control, usually physical self-control. The negative aspects are the most problematical in terms of angry outbursts, fits of rage and violence, but even the positive aspects call for extra effort in controlling those urges which can damage others in some way.

North Korea ‘pretends’ they are Capricorn, their Mid-heaven, and ‘thinks’ they are Taurus, their Ascendant. This is what Hilarion says about Capricorn Midheaven, and when combined with Taurus Rising:

Capricorn This sign appears commonly at the M.C. coinciding with either Aries or Taurus rising. It tends to cause a projection of the more serious and cautious traits of Capricorn into the outer picture. Others will see the individual as practical and hard-working, with little time for play. But play is precisely the right prescription for these individuals, particularly those with Taurus rising. In such cases the preponderance of earth on the angles weighs down the spirit and must be counteracted with light, enjoyable activity undertaken for pleasure alone.

I think it is easy to see that North Koreans could definitely benefit if they could somehow ‘lighten up.’

As far as the ‘current exams’ hitting their chart, well they have had, in recent years, the Pluto/Uranus energy hitting their Neptune/Venus Square, i.e. their penchant for some confusion, illusion, delusion, victimhood and martyrdom involving their relationship with their parent. This is obviously relatable to the death of their former Supreme Leader and the injunction to pump-up the same over-the-top devotion to a 29 year old guy who likes basketball. A test of faith indeed.

But, at the same time, Saturn has been squaring their Pluto in the house of home, sanctuary and security, peaking for the 2nd time on April 2nd.

So a Saturnian restrictive ‘reality check’ on those elements of over-attachment to security within their own homeland. Saturn will go on to square Pluto for the last time on October 1st, and then go on to square their Sun in Leo on December 1st, which is why, in my predictions for the year I sent out earlier, I mentioned some possible results from these karmic ‘exams’ in the Fall.

In 2014 they seem to mellow out and get intense again, more intense than now, in 2015/16/17. So if something doesn’t break out now or this fall we’re probably ok until then.

Kim Jong Un

As far as Kim Jong Un, the current ruler, we have a birthdate but it is officially uncertain if he was born in 1983 or 84. So he is either 29 or 30, either way the youngest leader in the world today and, either way, he has been going through his first ‘Saturn Return,’ when Saturn returns to where it was when you were born. I would say becoming head of a nation like North Korea at that age is one helluva Saturn Return.

Saturn is the planet that makes things ‘real.’ But it does it through heaviness, weight, limitation and restriction. It is related to the metal lead.

Every 7 years Saturn hits you by hard aspect. At 7 it squares you, at 14 it opposes, at 21 squares again and at 28 and a half it returns to where it was when you were born.

All during your 20’s you think life has infinite possibilities. When you reach 28, 29, 30 you have to realize that isn’t true. You might be through a third of your life already. You can either go with that Saturn energy and bring in positive Saturnian commitment, discipline, focus and responsibility, or you can resist that Saturn energy, project it out into your environment and get hit from the outside to be forced to get real. The latter option is why Saturn Return has such an ominous reputation among those without a deeper understanding of Astrology.

We don’t know what house his Saturn is in, or much else of what is going on in his chart, because of the lack of a clear birth year. We do know he has Saturn either square or conjunct the Moon, either way a heavy tension with the parent with the most authority over him as a child, and a resentment of authority figures in general, which currently includes the U.S., maybe China and the whole U.N. In this regard Hilarion says:

When Saturn is aspecting the Sun, there will always be a problem within the person in dealing with one of the parental figures. The closer the aspect, the greater the problem. The same thing can be said for Saturn aspects to the Moon. In terms of external orchestrated events, Saturn in aspect to either of the Lights will bring into the life blockages in terms of dealing with authority, with government, with the police, or with any other authority-concept. The purpose of this pattern, both inside and out, is to bring the individual to the point of recognizing that there is value in guidelines, laws and restrictions — that man must play his "games" in accordance with rules, or else the games cannot exist. The failure to heed this lesson in past lives has led to loss and backsliding in terms of the learning of soul-lessons.

It is believed that Kim Jong Un has recently faced at least one assassination attempt, perhaps motivated by his removal from power of some of his father’s henchmen, replacing them with those loyal only to himself. There is speculation that the current blustering is a ‘jockeying for power’ and Kim Jong Un’s efforts to establish himself among the hardliners. All in all, it’s rather scary watching a 29 or 30-year-old work through his Saturn Return at the helm of a nation like North Korea.

The other thing we do know about Kim Jong Un Astrologically is that he was born January 8th giving him a Capricorn Sun in the 18th degree. Now I have been talking a lot about Capricorn in these times due to the Pluto moving through Capricorn, being squared by Uranus seven times between 2012 and 2015.

For a refresher, here is what Hilarion says about someone with the Sun in Capricorn:

Capricorn The Capricorn is one who, in a previous life, accomplished much personal success in the world's eyes, but who did so in such a way as to permanently benefit others in a material way. Because this does represent a contribution, even though not really at the spiritual level, a tap is permitted into a source of constructive and creative energy which drives the Capricorn to accomplish something worthwhile upon the earth plane. But because the help for others was limited to the material plane, blindness is introduced into the make-up of the Capricornian personality which makes it more difficult than usual to perceive the reality and value of spiritual concepts and the higher wisdom. Though difficult, it is not impossible, and the Capricornian who succeeds in making of his life a dedication to a higher reality achieves far more and conquers a much greater obstacle than most other souls have to contend with. The goal of a "life of dedication" is symbolized by the Capricornian rulership of the knees, for the knees are the support of the body in the traditional attitude of prayer.

The tendency for self-reliance of the Capricorn makes it such that they can only rely on themselves and really hate to be, in any way, vulnerable.

The exact hits of the Uranus/Pluto square onto his Sun in Capricorn doesn’t occur until 2015-2016, 2015 also being the time period I predict will be the most intense Pluto/Uranus square because, for the first time, they will both be moving direct (neither planet moving retrograde). It is also when the next round of intense transits hit the North Korean chart.

It’s hard to predict now what that will be. Let’s hope we have time to prepare for it.

This article could also involve a look at the chart for South Korea, but as this article is already rather long I will save that discussion for another time.

I did visit South Korea for a couple days last year on my round-the-world trip. On the day before my flight there I was checking my email and noticed a news report that Kim Jong Un had threatened to turn South Korea into Ashes that week. I said to myself “I never thought about that possibility when I booked a stop-over in Seoul!”

In speaking to South Koreans they were always rather nonchalant and said, “Oh, we hear that all the time and know it’s just false threats.” I imagine you would have to adapt that kind of attitude to be able to live with that kind of menace just north of you. It does remind me a bit of the stated belief in California relevant to the potential for a large earthquake to occur there: “When the ‘Big One’ happens, California is going to stay, and the rest of the county is going to fall into the ocean!”

I still hope and pray for the safety and security of people in South Korea (and California).

Steffan Vanel

* I am happy to announce that Astrology Plus by Hilarion, the book which I am always quoting from and has been out of print for some time, is now available as an EBook on Amazon.

If you are interested in downloading a copy you can use this link: www.amazon.com/dp/B00B1WRS88

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