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America's Shutdown on Columbus Day

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Today I’m having an unexpected free day so I’ve decided to use the time to weigh in on the current American political ‘crisis’ on this Columbus Day holiday.

Having experienced Native American past lives; Columbus Day is always a bit of a weird holiday for me. My heart goes out to the brothers and sisters on the reservations, or who still carry the blood. I know it’s an even weirder holiday for you.

At this point the U.S. government is still shutdown and we are three days from the deadline to lift the U.S. debt ceiling, with most economic experts predicting that there would be dire consequences if the U.S. reneges on it’s ability to pay its current bills.

I’ve heard it said that the situation would be able to continue with some reserves for another couple of weeks after the deadline, but by November 1st those reserves would run out and that is when the world would face a potential economic ‘Armageddon.’

As an Astrologer it’s rather scary listening to that and knowing that the 4th of the seven Pluto/Uranus squares in the 2012 – 2015 time period will be exact on Friday, November 1st, two days before a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse.

Clearly the side of the Tea Party feels like they have to be Uranian right now, i.e. unconventional, free of the opinions of others, revolutionary and courageous at liberating us from entrenched, intractable Plutonian controlling forces that will mean death to the nation if not stopped.

And, those on the left, feel like they have to somehow stand-up to these crazy, Uranian, irrational and unreasonable congressmen who are actually being goaded by some of the richest, manipulating, i.e. Plutonian individuals and the right wing interest groups they fund.

The thing is, this Pluto/Uranus square is a global influence. As I listen to the news on the BBC, however, I can feel how much the rest of the world feels threatened by, and taken hostage by, this erratic, unstable, seemingly irrational Pluto/Uranus energy playing out in the U.S. government now.

They are being forced to feel their own vulnerability to the intense Plutonian power and influence of the U.S. in their lives, subject to the seemingly irrational beliefs of the voters in ‘safe’ Republican districts. Districts like in Northwest Georgia, a district that went 75% for Mitt Romney and overwhelmingly supports their Republican candidate and his facilitating of the government shutdown.

Residents like the 70-year-old man I heard interviewed. A many who is himself on Medicare and Social Security, and whose son is autistic and has lived his whole life supported by Medicaid. And, a man who is absolutely convinced that the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing possible for the country.

I can only imagine how this sounds in the ears of international listeners.

There is one thing which does give me a feeling that we won’t go over the cliff on November 1st. Unfortunately it is because next year the Astrological weather is way worse, and this still feels like a prelude to the Main Act. That weather prediction will be the subject of a future newsletter.

I still feel that a good way to view this whole situation is with the perspective of the title of an article I saw some time ago in the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. It was an article about the upcoming Pluto/Uranus squares stating: Pluto Square Uranus: Breakthrough or Breakdown?

There is a very amazing Astrological/Political/Historical corollary that bears some useful insights into what is going on now.

I would like to begin my presentation of this corollary with the following quote:

“If we allow this awful measure to stand, behind it will come other federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have known it in this country until one day...we will wake to find that we have socialism and we are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.”

Sounds like a Tea Party congressman, no?

It is actually by Ronald Reagan in 1961 in his voicing of the fear and resistance of the Republican Party against the implementation of Medicare.

The Astrological corollary?

The last time Pluto and Uranus were in hard aspect to each other was in the 1960’s when they made a conjunction.

The time before that when they made a hard aspect was in the 1930’s which was when Franklin Roosevelt was trying to implement the Social Security program against stiff Republican fear and resistance.

Interesting parallels?

There is a way to reverse the places of the political left and right on the Pluto/Uranus polarity, where we can see the left as trying to revolutionize, Uranian style, the entrenched Plutonian status quo and Plutocracy (Merriam-Webster: Plutocracy: government by the richest people.: a country that is ruled by the richest people. : a group of very rich people who have a lot of power), so that we can be free of old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

Uranus rules Aquarius and we are moving into an Aquarian New Age of equality and freedom for all. I view Pluto in Capricorn, in part, as the entrenched interests of the old order, who know their days are numbered.

New freedoms from old patterns are emerging every few years. Who could have imagined 10 years ago that a majority of Americans would now support Gay Marriage?

The U.S. is becoming less white, less dominated by materialism fed by the insecurity created by the memory of the Great Depression, less over-exuberant identification with the inevitable moral right of our post-World War 2 military stance in the world.

These Pluto/Uranus squares are enhancing this breakdown and, hopefully, breakthrough. The thing is, as I often tell my clients, the planets hit and it is always so we can learn a lesson. However, we can learn that lesson gracefully, or we can learn it kicking and screaming. As they say, “Pain is necessary, suffering is optional.”

Steffan Vanel

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