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Difficult Aspects: Snowden & The East

One of the most useful insights I received from Astrologer, Author and Jungian Analyst, Liz Greene, was that, until you heal and integrate both ends of a difficult aspect (square or opposition) the tendency is to project one end or another on somebody else.

I always say that this will explain all of those relationships that afterwards you look back on and say, “Why did I ever get with somebody like that!”

Now these days some Astrologers downplay difficult aspects, whereas Ascended Master Hilarion, whom I tend to trust, places great significance as to whether a planet is positively or difficultly aspected in your chart.

I tend to start with the difficult aspects in an Astrological Reading because those are the real ‘flash points’ and until you have healed and integrated them you will have less access to the positive aspects in your chart.

Another useful metaphor I use from Liz Greene is her saying that, after an Astrology Chart Reading, you need to go home and have a ‘board meeting’ to get your planets to hash out ‘deals’ with each other.

I add to this my own additional sense of the experience of these tensions, that being that it is the difficult aspects in our charts that force us to go to our Higher Selves, because it is only from that transpersonal level of consciousness that we can accept, embrace, heal and integrated the tensions and dichotomies between those two planets.

Those of you who are fans of the psychology of Carl Jung know that Jung wrote extensively about the integration of the opposites as a crucial part of the process of individuation and becoming the Self with a capital S.

This does bring me to a discussion of the ways in which the current, overall, several year, collectively experienced Astrological tension has been manifesting.

When one is Astrologically attuned it is difficult to listen to the news without perceiving it through the lens of the Astrological archetypes currently at play. Witnessing the Astrological themes being played out, however, will bring a deeper understanding and feeling for the Astrological lessons being taught.

So, the big Astrological tension in this time period is the Pluto in Capricorn square to Uranus in Aries.

Pluto in Capricorn can create fears at the deepest levels of concrete, material, structure, and controlled reality. It can also spur intensive investigations into the threatening, dangerous secret powers and controls behind concrete, material, structure and controlled reality.

Uranus in Aries can inspire courageous willful action in the cause of freedom from old patterns that have outlived their purpose. It can also inspire erratic, impulsive, aggression and violence.

The revelation of the secret surveillance by the U.S. Government by Edward Snowden obviously has all of the hallmarks of these tensions. Whether you believe that he was a hero, heroically, courageously using Uranus in Aries to inspire his “courageous willful action in the cause of freedom” to reveal the ‘threatening, dangerous secret powers and controls behind concrete, material, structure and controlled reality.’

Or, if he was using Uranus in Aries to ‘inspire erratic, impulsive, aggression and violence,’ threatening the legitimate need for government to secretly operate to deal with and protect us from the deep, hidden dangers that threaten our concrete, material, structure and reality depends on whether you are John Boehner of the Republican Party calling him a traitor, along with the likes of Democrat Diane Feinstein, or characters at the Libertarian end of the Republican Party, or the Progressive end of the Democratic party calling him a hero.

Now I find it quite enjoyable to observe the rigid structures of the Democratic and Republican parties being thrown this Uranian ‘curve ball’ and losing some of their rigid oppositional polarity.

Although I am essentially on the Progressive Left end of the political spectrum in general, and have the ingrained fear of ‘1984: Big Brother’ type manifestations, I am also the sign of the penultimate diplomat, i.e. Libra, and I think that both views have their validity. And what we need to do here is to move to that Higher, transpersonal Self to integrate this tension, instead of overly polarized reactions into one camp or the other, as we mortals are prone to do.

Later I will share a few comments re: Edward Snowden’s chart.

First I want to mention the movie I saw last night here at the Maui Film Festival, a film I found to be a cinematic portrayal of this same Astrological theme.

Spoiler Alert: I may share too many details for those who don’t want to see a movie when they already know too much about it.

The movie is called the East, the name of an eco-terrorist group which gets infiltrated by a young female agent from an independent security firm which operates in league with the FBI.

The loyalties of the agent become compromised by her sympathy and experience of both the liberated progressive quality of the human interaction and lifestyle of the group, and the horrific ecological and pharmacological terrors they are trying to confront.

Are they courageous liberating ‘heroes,’ or are they potentially impulsive, needlessly violent and dangerous ‘loose cannons.’ It is essentially the same debate as I described above.

Our heroine finds herself in the crosshairs between Pluto and Uranus. She does seek a way of resolving this conflict in the end.

I was recently in Japan and before going I watched an old Japanese film about students and faculty at the University in Kyoto who, in the 1930’s actually protested against the rise of fascism and militarism in Japan at that time. Personally, I did not realize there was that kind of resistance in Japan at that time.

The 1930’s were the last time that Pluto and Uranus were square to each other.

Today there is a new surge in nationalism in Japan, along with the notorious Mayor of Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, saying that ‘comfort women’ (women from countries like Korea and China who were forced to serve as sex workers for the Japanese Military) were necessary to help Japanese troops deal with the stresses of war.

At the same time, I saw a huge ‘anti-nuclear’ march in downtown Tokyo on my last day there.

The tensions in Syria and recently in Turkey are the same thing. Liberation or unnecessary violence? Security vs. Freedom.

Even the recent UN conference about the rise of drug resistant bacteria due to the over-use of antibiotics and how to deal with that fits this theme.

In earlier newsletters I witnessed these Pluto/Uranus squares as pulling the rug out from any illusionary Capricornian earth-related securities so that we will seek the only true security. That is likely to continue, but we could all do well to have a celestial ‘board meeting’ and visualize Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries reaching some mutual respect, harmony and co-operation, May the whole planet be lifted to the Higher consciousness that could facilitate that.

Edward Snowden

Ironically, Edward Snowden was being hit more by Neptune in Pisces than by the Pluto/Uranus Square at this time.

Natally he has two, possibly three planets in Gemini. (His Sun is on the Gemini/Cancer cusp and we have no birth time for him)

Gemini is known for a high intellect and a tendency to be critical.

These Gemini planets are all opposite three other planets in Sagittarius. Sagittarius being known for a high moral nature and righteousness, but also for ‘foot in mouth disease’ i.e. over-honesty and fanaticism.

Neptune in Pisces has been squaring his Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. I would say that Neptunian vulnerability, sensitivity and compassion for those he saw as vulnerable victims dissolved any restraints that may have existed on his enthusiastic Jupiterian, revolutionary liberating Uranian, Sagittarian honesty.

His Gemini nature is very intelligent and eloquent at explaining exactly why he did what he did and his sense of the possible consequences. In the next years Neptune will start to square those Gemini planets and that is where his thinking may get blurred and undergo a ‘test of faith’ and a need to surrender in some way.

Steffan Vanel

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