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Martin Luther King & Syria

Dear Friends and Clients,

I thought my next posting would be to announce the next EBook publication of one of the Hilarion Series of books.

I am still working on the finishing touches of Symbols, but recent events in Syria, and tomorrow being the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech have inspired me to take this time out to share some comments and observations with you.

I was only 11 when the March on Washington took place, so I was unaware of it happening at the time. I have had the good fortune to be in places where history was clearly being made. I was among the 500,000 at Woodstock, and stayed until Monday morning to hear Jimi Hendrix play the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ And, I was, later that same year, among the 500,000 in the Vietnam Moratorium in Washington D.C. joining with the thousands along with Pete Seeger singing John Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance!’

When I read the personal accounts of the March on Washington in 1963 I could feel how this was also one of those magical momentous events where you knew you were being blessed to be in the right place at the right time.

It seems quite poignant that tomorrow the day will be marked with an address by an African-American President who only recently had to share his personal experiences of racial profiling in the aftermath of the Trevon Martin case.

And yet, overshadowing tomorrow’s commemoration is the announcement of likely military engagement in Syria.

I have looked at the Astrology chart of Marin Luther King, and the Astrological influences affecting his chart at the time of his death, and how those influences were affecting the chart of the U.S. at that time as well. And I have been looking at the current Astrological configurations. These all provide interesting, useful insights.

Marin Luther King had a ‘Grand Trine’ of harmonious relationships between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. Jupiterian beneficence, moral courage, and confidence coming from his 12th House of memory of his most recent past life; in harmony with Neptunian compassion, unconditional love and spirituality in his 4th House of home, family and his childhood. And, Jupiter and Neptune are both in harmony with Saturnian responsibility, commitment, and persevering dedication.

Obviously he was able to use these positive, mutually supportive energies to great effect.

But, he also had a ‘T-square’ of tension between Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces. This, I believe, is what really ‘drove’ him to do what he knew he had to do.

The positive Neptune in the 4th House would show he likely had a lot of sincere unconditional love in his childhood. But a Pisces Moon is generally like growing up in an emotional ‘fog,’ likely bearing elements of confusion and victimhood. The square to Saturn would show conflict with the authorities or power structure of the time, and the square to Mars would show the likelihood of violence or aggression, if not with him, at least around him in childhood. One could surmise, being a black kid growing up in the South in the 1930’s such scenarios taking place.

The Mars tension is in Gemini, which is powerful mental energy but can be critical. I grew up in Massachusetts, a quite liberal state, but I also have intimate knowledge of the south, specifically in Atlanta where Martin Luther King grew up. My first experience of the South was an all white boarding school in Atlanta in 1967. I know the mental, verbal attitudes that were continually, collectively nurtured and kept vibrant and active by racist whites in the South in that time period.

As a young child I would suspect that Marin Luther King was more of a little Pisces boy, suffering, but in a confused ‘foggy’ way, from the Saturnian authoritative and Mars in Gemini mental attitudes of the dominant white society.

At a certain age, usually teens or early 20’s he would likely have what I call an ‘FTS,’ (f_ _ k that shit) and he would own his own authoritative Saturn, and mentally powerful and incisive Mars in Gemini to stand up and speak out when he saw others being confused Pisces victims and martyrs.

There is a particular effect from a Mars/Saturn tension which Hilarion* describes this way:

Saturn in aspect to Mars is not the terrible thing that some astrologers pretend. Mars is energy and any close Saturn aspect will tend to sit on the energies and cap them up from time to time. However, the outer circumstances of the life — even with the square or opposition — do not usually reflect the dire events that one might be led to expect from a perusal of the available astrological texts. The secret here is the balancing-off of the restrictive tendency of Saturn against the expansive, not to say explosive tendency of Mars. If the individual can learn to find the mid-point between these principles, balance in the life pattern is possible. If he cannot, then wild swings between over-repressive and overly energetic states can be expected. Typically such a person finds himself under the cold, limiting hand of Saturn for extended periods, and when he cannot bear the frustration any longer, breaks free and shoots the Martian energy in all directions, usually in a destructive way. This pattern is extremely broad and can be recognized in many different departments of life: love, job, health, etc. For this reason, specifics cannot be given. (End quote)

This would obviously add to the intensity of his FTS.

At the time of Martin Luther King’s death there was also a ‘T-square’ happening in the sky. One corner was Venus and Mercury in Pisces conjuncting King’s Moon, and squaring his Saturn and his Mars.

Another corner was the Moon in Cancer opposing his Saturn.

And the last corner was the on-going 1960’s transformative Astrological force of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo of that time period. This was the Astrological signature of what we now call ‘The 60’s.’

This Pluto/Uranus conjunction was opposing King’s Moon, squaring his Saturn and squaring his Mars, creating a ‘Grand Cross’ of tension.

A very potent point to make note of here is the fact that the Birthchart of the United States has Mars at 21 degrees 23 minutes of Gemini. Martin Luther King had his Mars at 21 degrees 54 minutes of Gemini. It there was ever someone born to ‘Talk back to Power’ in the U.S. it was he.

The U.S. Mars is square to Neptune, hence its own propensity for the victim/victimizer program. In the 1960’s the Pluto/Uranus conjunction was conjuncting the Neptune, which I have previously related to the eruption of spirituality, music and mind-altering substances of the 1960’s. I can see how that the compassion evoked from the suffering and self-sacrifices of the Civil Rights Movement earlier in that decade would have been the earlier manifestation of that activated Neptune.

But the Pluto/Uranus conjunction was also squaring the Mars in the U.S 7th House of relationships with others creating a likelihood of conflict in relationships. This was the War in Vietnam. Pluto squaring the Neptune and opposing the Mars in 2003 was what I used to predict the coming of the War in Iraq.

Martin Luther King’s Moon, Mars, Saturn T-square triggering that Mars/Neptune square is why he would engage, and make verbally quite clear the moral compromises festering in the guilty unconscious of American Society.

Now the Mars in Gemini is also trine to the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, which I’ve used to recognize the powerful mental energy put into service of that Aquarian idealism so empowered during the birth of our nation. This is why Marin Luther King spoke of unfulfilled promises, and re-kindled the dream of a land where these truths are self-evident, that all Men are created equal, but not just white men. This is why Martin Luther King is also considered one of our ‘Founding fathers.’

But the intense t-square on April 4th 1968, triggering his own Moon in Pisces, Mars/Saturn t-square is why his parting performance was as a martyr to American violence.

I could say a lot more about Martin Luther King’s life and his chart, but I prefer now to move on to our current world Astrological situation.

This month I made this pronouncement about Jupiter moving into tension, creating a t-square with the on-going Pluto/Uranus (2012-2015) square:

7 – 21 – On the 7th Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. On the 21st Jupiter squares the Uranus in Aries end of the on-going Pluto/Uranus Square. This is the deeper Astrological theme of this month. In natal Astrology Jupiter in Cancer indicates some positive benefit coming to you in childhood. In difficult aspect there is a tendency to over-emphasize one of the parental figures.

In this configuration I would sense that the beneficent, generous, emotionally caring Jupiter in Cancer will charge up against, be frustrated by, or react a bit fanatically to, the intense secretive, controlling machinations within the structures of the world. While those structures themselves are going through deep Plutonian death/rebirth transformation to begin with.

And then this same Jupiter/Cancer energy will hit the impulsive, potentially aggressive energies of Uranus in Aries.

Should be a lot of pumped up energies around instinctual, traditional home, family, national needs, engaged with the majorly transformative (Pluto/Uranus) energies of our time.

With this configuration there is the potential for breakthrough, or, if not, breakdown.

Well the Jupiter hit the ‘impulsive, potentially aggressive energies of Uranus in Aries’ on August 21st. That was the day that Assad used chemical weapons on his civilian population.

It remains to be seen what will result from this, but it definitely feels like the Jupiterian need to be noble and moral has now been fatally challenged by the intractable Uranian revolutionary vs. Plutonian entrenched power structure conflagration taking place in Syria right now.

We also see the sides of Assad, Iran, Russia, and China lining up on one side, and the U.S., NATO, and Middle Eastern Sunni nations lining up on the other.

Those of you who have read the Nature of Reality by Master Hilarion know that Hilarion stated in the last section of that book entitled: The Tribulation, that the oil in the Middle East was purposely arranged to be there, knowing it would serve as a catalyst for a final war as the nations of the world would fight for ownership of the oil deposits.

Now Hilarion has also stated that the best prophet is the false prophet, he whose prophecy has failed to come true, because by giving his prophecy he has encouraged people to make changes such that that prophecy no longer has to take place.

Since reading the Hilarion material I have always wondered whether things really have improved enough such that we can transition into the New Age peacefully. At the same time, whenever there is a flare-up of tensions in the Middle East it always makes me wonder ‘Is this the start of what Hilarion predicted?’

These Pluto/Uranus squares go on for some years more. Next year is when they hit the U.S. the hardest, when the Pluto/Uranus square will create a ‘Grand Cross’ of tension with the U.S. Sun/Saturn square.

Up until now it has been easy to figure that the 2014 primaries and mid-term elections will be particularly nasty. Especially as this Sun/Saturn square in the U.S. chart is something which I’ve observed as being played out by the tensions between the North and South in the Civil War, and today’s Blue and Red’ states.

In my last newsletter: ‘Difficult Aspects: Edward Snowden and The East’ I mentioned how the leaks from Edward Snowden created new, surprise divisions within the ranks of the Republican and Democratic Parties (Snowden as hero to some and traitor to others in both parties).

Pro and Anti-war factions, moderate and progressive Democrats, pro-military and Libertarian Republicans triggered by US Military engagement in Syria is one scenario I could imagine in resonance with next year’s challenging aspects.

In his last years Martin Luther King spoke out not only against racial injustice, but also against the uncompassionate injustice inflicted by the U.S. in the War in Vietnam and American support of foreign oppressive regimes allied with American corporate, economic interests, oblivious of the suffering and poverty of the; masses of individuals in those countries.

If King had been allowed to live, and to sway the conscience of the mass public regarding not only domestic injustice, but also regarding international injustice the world would be a much different place now, and the moral weight of the United States would have a much stronger footing than it does now.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. How things play out form here are anybody’s guess.

A frequent ending for my, at times, kind of heavy discussions, is what Hilarion has said somewhere in his writings. Essentially he says that those who are already of the Light, who are willing to live in peace and have faith in something beyond their own ego need have no fear. They can have faith that they will be guided to be where they need to be and when and with who, and all they need to do is to be willing to serve in whatever they are capable.

I will leave you with that positive, hopeful note.

Steffan Vanel

PS: I’m heading home to my cabin in the mountains tomorrow for a month or so, so I will be more available for phone readings than I am when I’m on the road if you are interested.

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