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The Astrological Karma of the U.S.A.

"A book for anyone seeking to understand the lessons,
potential, and possible destiny of the United States of America."


  • Conspiracy Theories and the Problem of Evil
  • 2012 and the End of the Mayan Calendar
  • The Purpose of Existence

"Steffan Vanel's insights in these troubling times help one to comprehend the deeper aspects of ourselves."

What readers have said about the First Edition of this book:


"Nobody has provided such brilliant insight
into the soul and psyche of the U.S. as
Steffan Vanel has. He has really mastered this stuff."

"One thing this book has given me is much
greater hope in the future of this nation."

"It's amazing and fascinating to see all of the
connections you have made. It makes so much sense."

"Astrology was always a mystery to me.
After reading this book I feel I really understand it now."

"Steffan's book has helped me to much better
understand current gender issues.

New CD Available

Steffan has a new CD available of a lecture he gave in September called: 'The Astrological Karma of the USA,' for those of you with more time or interest to listen than to read. The cost is $12 plus $4 for packaging and shipping. Checks can be mailed to Steffan Vanel, PO Box 476, Curlew, WA. 99118. Or if you want to order quickly for Christmas with a credit card, call: (206) 903-9538.

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Sample Chapter: The Astrological Karma of George Bush

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